Preparation for Funding

 Your Business is growing and you need Funding!  WHC can help you prepare!

  • Construction Loans
  • Lines of Credit
  • Working Capital
  • Debt or Equity Funding 
  • Investment Pitches

Most growing companies do not understand how to prepare for funding…

We cannot guarantee that you will be approved due to the importance of credit and the ability to repay. However, we can help you build a relationship with lenders and investors and prepare for the funding meeting. We help you:

  • Prepare your Value Proposition
  • Identify your Target Market
  • Understand Your Financial Reports
  • Create Realistic Projections
  • Prepare Your Documentation
  • Write a Business Plan or Growth Plan
  • Identify Your Plan to Repay


Why apply for business funding?

Established business owners turn to funding sources to grow their companies.  Based on your unique set of qualifications, our funding partners will advise you on available options for your business.  To get started, complete the simple form below: