Solutions For Non-Profit Organizations

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Our Non-Profit Organization Clients include:
SoundExchange, Executive Leadership Council, National Association of African Americans in Human Resources, The Reginald F. Lewis Museum, The Greater Baltimore Urban League, The National Urban League, Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship, The Brian D. Roberts Memorial Solar Schools Fund, Broward Alliance for Neighborhood Development and Archaeology in Community.

Our Specialties:

  • New Technology Adoption (web design; digital marketing; SalesForce implementations; call center technical training and utilization; customer relationship management (CRM) system design; new cloud phone systems; new databases; data cleansing; optimized hardware; new software; infrastructure assessments and outsourced IT departments)
  • Business Operations Strategy (business planning; marketing strategy; fundraising strategies; market research; government contract research; operational turn around; focus groups; leadership retreats and strategic planning sessions)
  • Emerging Entity and Organizational Development (customized marketing/ sales/ customer service/ management training programs; entrepreneurship training; project and program management; executive leadership consultation; process change management; and implementation of new policies and programs)

Our Solutions for Non-Profit Organizations: 
Our experience has shown that non-profit organizations face growth and operational challenges just like for-profit businesses.  Perhaps, even more so due to the dependence on volunteers, grants and donations.  Our solutions are customized to help address challenges involving fundraising, volunteer recruitment and management, event planning, technology, marketing, and organizational structure.  We provide Executive Directors with consultative services to help create a formal strategy for growth and we offer outsourced fundraising, grant writing, membership drives and marketing. Our solutions include:


  • Website Design that captures their vision and showcases their programs
  • New Technology
  • Outsourced IT
  • Integrated Website, Customer Database and Email Marketing System


  • Executive Director Advising and Consultation
  • Outsourced Marketing and Fundraising
  • Business Planning and Strategy
  • Strategies for acquiring donors and sponsors
  • Fundraisers and Event Planning
  • Organizational Charts and Job Descriptions
  • Marketing Strategies that create awareness and interaction
  • Standard Operating Procedures


  • Training Programs for Members, Volunteers and Paid Staff
  • Donation Strategy Development
  • Grant Writing and Grant Finding
  • Membership Drives and Registration Efforts
  • Board Management, Recruitment and Training
  • Creation of related, revenue generating services

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