Executive Retreats

Executive Retreats are a fantastic way for organizations to:

  • Work on the strategic vision and plan for the future
  • Identify ways to work better as a group and learn more about team members
  • Better understand individual communication styles and personality types
  • Celebrate and reward outstanding achievement and top performers
  • Address a serious matter with distraction and interruption

When planning a retreat we help you consider:

  • What’s the purpose?
  • How often will these retreats occur?
  • How many people will attend?
  • Are there any internal/ political/ personality conflicts that should be addressed or avoided?
  • What is the mixture of the responsibility level of the attendees?
  • Are there any special needs, diets or restrictions?
  • Is this a virtual retreat, onsite or offsite?
  • What types of technology, props, tools or equipment are needed?
  • What types of lodging or overnight accommodations are needed?
  • What are the desired outcomes for the retreat?
  • Should the event relax, inform, strengthen or invigorate the team? Or some combination thereof?

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