Month: July 2015

Interview with Paul Vanik of Old Line Artisans

Paul Vanik Will Holmes Old Line Artisans 1Tell us about yourself, Paul.  Why did you start Old Line Artisans?

My name is Paul Vanik and I am the founder of Old Line Artisans. I started the business because I’ve always had an appreciation for the importance of giving the right gift to the people who mean the most to me. This is because gifts are an opportunity to strengthen relationships and communicate how much you know and value someone through an action.

Relationships are very important to me because the people in your life play a big role in your outlook on life. When you find the right people, you should take care of them. The gift that I turned into a company was a handmade pen. This gift was the perfect solution for me because it is unique, personal, and useful. I wanted to give something that was special and was not mass produced. Something that told the receiver, “You are special to me.”

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What products do you offer?

Today, I offer an assortment of seven different pen styles that are fully customizable. You can choose from different metals in each style, seven different exotic woods, and personalized engraving services. I aim to provide both individuals and businesses with a diverse array of gift and writing options. Whether you want to engrave your name, your company logo, or a client’s name, Old Line Artisans can accommodate your needs.The pens that I make are an embodiment of the passion to produce the best. I’ve developed a detailed process through many hours in research and development. I am confident that each pen I make speaks a message of care, beauty, and passion.

What is your mission?

The mission of my business is to provide a unique and personal gift that will build upon the relationship between the giver and the receiver. For this reason, I pour my heart and soul into each pen that I produce. To me, the pens are more than a product, they are pieces of functional art meant to bring people closer to each other.  I’m excited for the lessons, the successes, and (most importantly) the people.

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So far, what are your greatest accomplishments?

I feel that my greatest accomplishments are the moments when I give customers their pens. Those moments are the culmination of my work and the transfer of my passion. Seeing a customer’s face light up when they open the box gives me joy because I can see that I’ve succeeded in fulfilling my mission.

How can customers reach you?

Currently,  I make all the pens in Annapolis, MD.  I can be reached by phone, email, Instagram, or Facebook. My phone number is 410-762-8420, my email address is, my Instagram handle is oldlineartisans, and my Facebook page is Old Line Artisans. I’d also love for you to check out my website at

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Baltimore Professionals and Entrepreneurs Breaks 2000 Members!

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2015-04-17 08.11.36Baltimore Professionals and Entrepreneurs now has over 2000 members!!! We are humbled by this achievement and truly want to thank everyone for their support. Will Holmes started BPE in 2011. His mission was to bring together Baltimore’s leaders and create opportunities for personal, professional and business growth. Will has grown the group with consistent high quality events that focus on attendees having great conversations with other positive individuals.  Celebrate this milestone with us on Friday July 3rd! Click here for details.

IMG_175046393407961Over the years, the group has hosted Political Fundraisers, Masquerade Balls, Galas, Game Nights, and Networking Socials geared toward Baltimore’s leaders.  Our members enjoy the benefits that come with attending great events at fantastic venues with smart, nice people.  Each event is carefully chosen and planned to provide the best experience possible for BPE Members.  Great food, great service and great drinks are a must for any BPE social event.  Click here to join Baltimore Professionals and Entrepreneurs on Meetup.  


Will Holmes SBA 2015Baltimore Professionals and Entrepreneurs and Will Holmes are proud to have co-hosted events and training opportunities with organizations such as: the Small Business Administration; The Greater Baltimore Leadership Association; The Washington DC Office of Small and Local Business Development; the City of Baltimore, The Municipal Employees Credit Union; the Network for Training Entrepreneurship; Morgan State University; Towson University; The University of Baltimore; The Dream Makers Network and the Mayor’s Office of Employment Development in Baltimore.

Are you positive, happy and smart?  If you answered, “YES,” then you are invited to join Baltimore Professionals and Entrepreneurs.  Membership is free.  Click here to learn more.