Month: June 2014

Have a Strategic Planning Session Before You Schedule Major Initiatives for Next Year!

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What is the cost of failed projects, internal miscommunication, misunderstood messaging or bad branding?  What about customer dissatisfaction and low employee/ volunteer morale?  Each organization puts their own price tag on missed opportunity.  But, our Baltimore, MD and Washington, DC clients tell us that these sessions are essential to the growth of their business and save them tens of thousands of dollars in resources.


Who should attend?
Your organization’s leadership should attend. This should include key decision makers like the Owner, President, Executive Director or CEO, Key Board Members, Vice Presidents and Directors and any essential Managers. Additionally, subject matter experts should be invited to help provide details and rule out scenarios that would be a waste of time and resources.

What should you cover?
*Past successes and past failures
*Target Customers and Channels for Interaction
*Offered Services or Products
*Strength of Revenue Sources
*Objectives for Future (upcoming quarters, 1 year, 3 years…)
*Key Projects to Support Objectives
*Key Performance Metrics for Organization
*High Level Marketing Plan
*High Level Plan of Action
*Identification of Missing Resources Needed for Action Plan
*Organizational Chart Effectiveness



How do I know if I need a 4 hr., 8 hr. or 2 day session?
Our strategic planning sessions are normally 4 hours sessions, 8 hour sessions or 2 day sessions. The time involved depends on:
*Number of Attendees
*Agreeability of Attendees
*Preparedness of Organization
*Complexity of Planning
*Business Needs


How do I get started in planning a session for my company?
Complete the information below and a Senior Consultant will contact you to discuss how we can help facilitate a session for your non-profit or for-profit organization.

First name:
Last name:
Name of your Company:
Your position in the Company:
Your website:
What is the timeframe for scheduling a session?
How did you hear about us?



Post Your Event In Our Meetup Group of 735 Entrepreneurs and Professionals

April Events WHC

Do you have an event that you want to fill with Baltimore’s Professionals and Entrepreneurs?  We can help. 

Our Meetup Group of 735 Active Professionals and Entrepreneurs:
The Members of our Baltimore Professionals and Entrepreneurs Meetup Group are a racially diverse group of Baltimore’s working professionals, aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners. Our attendees are financially successful, well educated and normally between the ages of 30 and 60. The group is a mixture of single and married people, all looking for positive interactions and learning opportunities in a fun, social environment. As of 6/26/14, our professional network group has over 730 active members.

Benefits of Posting Your Event:
Meetup is designed for people who like to go out and do things.  These are active people who like to attend events, not just RSVP on Facebook and not attend.  By posting your event in our Meetup group you will have access to a captive audience who is looking for things to do in Baltimore. 

Parties, fundraisers, personal development workshops, seminars, and fun events are welcome.  We will send bi-weekly reminders to the group to RSVP for your event and visit any links you provide for tickets or more information.  We can include your event on our newsletter (1000 recipients) and use our existing social media campaigns and networks (3000+) to spread the word.  This is a great opportunity for you and your events to be placed in front of successful, well-educated professionals and entrepreneurs in the Baltimore/ DC area.

To have your Event Posted: $40
To have your Event posted and actively marketed online by our team: $60
Sponsor an existing Meetup Event, bring your marketing materials and address the crowd: $80

We accept payments via PayPal.

We are picky about which events we post:
Our members trust us.  So, we reserve the right to be choosy about which events we post.  Nothing personal.  We need to maintain our quality and reputation.

For more information, please complete this form:

First name:
Last name:
Contact number:
How long have you been in business?
Name of your organization:
What type of services (pricing) interests you:
Describe your event:
Date and time of your event:
How did you hear about us?




Free 30 Minute Training Video on Marketing Essentials

Key Concepts Discussed: Advertising vs. Marketing; Your Brand and It’s Value; Defining Your Client/ Customer; Understanding Marketing Channels; Using Data to Make Business Decisions; Knowing and Analyzing Your Competitors; Creating Targeted Campaigns; Researching and Utilizing Customer Demographics

Additional Resources:


Will Holmes wins 2014 BPM Award for Service!


Black Professional Men, Inc. recognized new member, Will Holmes as BPM 2014 Rookie of the Year.  Will was recognized by BPM last Saturday for his outstanding service to the community and work within the organization during his first year of membership. BPM Vice President, Brian Olds stated, “Will has done an amazing job building technical infrastructure for our organization and preparing us to better serve our mission.”

Will Holmes designed the BPM website, customer relationship management system, member database, monthly newsletter, email and marketing campaigns and also participated in numerous BPM events.

Congratulations, Will! To learn more about BPM’s non-profit work in Baltimore, visit their website, .

Happy Hour for Non-Profit Professionals


Thursday, June 12th 2014
Happy Hour for Non-Profit Professionals
Sponsored by Baltimore Professionals and Entrepreneurs

6-9pm at El Agave Mexican Restaurant, 1016 Ingleside Ave, Catonsville, MD
This Happy Hour event is for those who serve the underserved.  Come out and share your stories, challenges and tips for success.   Free admission.  We hope to see you there!

June 2014- Events for Professionals and Entrepreneurs

April Events WHC

We have some great events this month.  Happy Hours, Entrepreneurship Workshops, a Scholarship Fundraiser, and special events for Non-Profits Professionals and Business Development Professionals.  All free events (except for the fundraiser)!  And you are invited!

June WHC 1Wednesday, June 4th 2014
First Wednesdays Professional Networking Happy Hour
6-9pm at Teavolve, 1401 Aliceanna St., Baltimore, MD
Share a meal and great conversation with local professionals.  This is not your normal business card exchange.  We focus on conversation!  So, bring your best stories to share.  Fun people only! Free admission.




June WHC 5

Wednesday, June 11th 2014
SBA Workshop- Transitioning to Entrepreneurship
Speaker: Will Holmes
10am in Owings Mills, MD,  Register here:

This 2 hour workshop is designed to give potential business owners the tools to make the transition from employee to entrepreneur. By the end of this workshop participants will understand common operational and personal sacrifices of successful entrepreneurs and how to define your target market.  Free Admission.



June WHC 3

Thursday, June 12th 2014
Happy Hour for Non-Profit Professionals
6-9pm at El Agave Mexican Restaurant, 1016 Ingleside Ave, Catonsville, MD
This Happy Hour event is for those who serve the underserved.  Come out and share your stories, challenges and tips for success.   Free admission.




June WHC 6Saturday, June 14th 2014
Rays of Hope Scholarship and Awards Breakfast
9am at the Valley Mansion in Hunt Valley, MD
This is fantastic fundraiser to send young scholars to college in the fall.  For more information, visit:



June WHC 2

Wednesday, June 18th 2014
Entrepreneurs’ Open Forum
6-9pm at El Agave Mexican Restaurant, 1016 Ingleside Ave, Catonsville, MD
Join us for our open discussion for Entrepreneurs. We focus on building connections and finding solutions through conversation. We share a meal and share ideas. This is an Open Forum for aspiring entrepreneurs designed to give attendees a chance to share best practices and get solutions for their business strategy, marketing and operational challenges. No egos. Just people gathered to eat, drink and talk about common interests. We hope to see you there! Free admission.




June WHC 4Thursday, June 19th 2014
Happy Hour for Government Employees
6-9pm at El Agave Mexican Restaurant, 1016 Ingleside Ave, Catonsville, MD
This Happy Hour event is for local, city, state, and federal employees.  Come out and enjoy a Happy Hour in your honor.