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SBA Workshop: Transitioning to Entrepreneurship- Featuring Will Holmes

Will Holmes Skills 6

The Baltimore Small Business Administration office has asked Will Holmes to facilitate a training on April 23rd 2014.  The topic is “Transitioning to Entrepreneurship.” This is a free event and all are invited to attend.  However, you MUST register and RSVP with the SBA.  Register and RSVP with the SBA here:

This 2 hour workshop is designed to give potential business owners the tools to make the transition from employee to entrepreneur. By the end of this workshop participants will understand:

•    Common operational and personal sacrifices of successful entrepreneurs

•    How to define your target market and choose your product and service





Date and Time:

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

10:30 AM — 12:30 PM


This event is free, but space is limited. Advance online registration is required.  Register here:

For more information contact: Tonia McCoy, 443-814-3541

SBA’s participation is not an endorsement of the views, opinions, products or services of any cosponsor or other person or entity. All SBA programs or cosponsored programs are extended to the public on a non-discriminatory basis. Reasonable arrangements for persons with disabilities will be made, if requested at least 2 weeks in advance. Contact Tonia McCoy  at (443) 814-3541.

Highlighting Non-Profit Leaders in April

Nominate a NonProfit Leader


Do you know someone who leads a non-profit organization and deserves recognition for the work they do?  We want to recognize them for their efforts during the month of April 2014.

How it works:
Once nominated, we contact the non-profit leader and ask them if they would like to be featured in our Business Blog as a Notable Non-Profit Leader in April.  If they agree, we send them 5 questions that they can respond to.  These questions give the Leader an opportunity to talk about how they became a part of the organization, their mission, the organization’s greatest achievements and its current challenges.  We will provide links for more info, social media, donations and upcoming events.

What’s in it for them?
Our website receives hundreds of hits each day from business professionals and entrepreneurs.  These are the types of people who normally purchase tickets to galas, make donations, and volunteer time to non-profit organizations. Plus, it’s free exposure for the organization and for the Leader.

What do you have to do? 
Simply, fill out the information below and we will contact them.  From there, we will let them know that you nominated them and that we want to feature them on our site.


Your First name:
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Please list the name of the leader, organization and their email address :



Last 2 Events in March for Professionals and Entrepreneurs

entrepreneurs open forum teavolve 2

2 Great Events This Week!

Wednesday, March 26th 2014
Google Hangout- An online conversation about advancing your career and business
7pm to 8pm
RSVP and join the session at

This is an open discussion to share ideas about advancing in your business and career.  No sales pitches.  Just solutions and sharing ideas about marketing, sales and business operations.


Friday, March 28th 2014
Sangria Friday at Teavolve
6pm to 9pm

Let’s enjoy Sangria, good conversation and music from the DJ.   Admission $10 online.  $15 at the door.  Free Sangria from 6pm to 9pm at our table.  Raffles and Prizes.  Purchase tickets online to secure your seat.  For our members and guests only.  Private table!  Purchase tickets here:


3 Reasons Why Your Team Doesn’t Follow You

Will Holmes Skills 8
by Will Holmes

Having been in leadership roles since 1997, I know that it’s not easy to motivate large groups (or small groups) of people to all come together and achieve something. It requires planning and aligning the individual goals of your team members with your goals and that of the mission. You have to plan for contingencies and ensure that when it gets difficult, your team trusts you and sticks with you because they understand the “why.” Even if that “why” is different for each team member, it’s important that you create that understanding in those who look to you for guidance.

This is what I have found to be true as a big brother, coach, manager, director, president and father. So, when clients ask how can they improve employee satisfaction, employee morale, or company wide performance, I usually start with the following:

Have you earned your team’s trust?
Trust is essential in any relationship.  It is a simple understanding that all parties will keep their end of the deal.  So, it is very important that your team sees you as someone they can count on to do what you say you are going to do.  If not, they will hesitate to follow you.  Here are some questions to start asking yourself:

  • Have there been any issues in the past that have caused them to wonder if you or the organization may not keep its word?
  • Have there been changes in money, rewards or recognition programs?
  • Have there been broken promises in regard to increases or perks?
  • Have there been any seemingly unfair or unmerited punishments, terminations or promotions?

In most cases you can still earn their trust back.  Step one is letting your team know that you are focusing on fixing what caused these issues so they don’t reoccur.

Have you made the mission simple enough for the team to understand?
Just keep it simple. Being in technology, I know what it’s like to have everyone’s eyes glaze over while you are describing something complicated or unfamiliar.  So, if you are not explaining the benefits and value in simple terms, you are losing your audience.  Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • Are you using acronyms, abbreviations, or special terms that most people don’t use?
  • Have you explained what tangible things will improve if everyone works together on this?
  • Is everyone adequately trained and capable to do their part?
  • Does everyone understand why their part is important and how it fits into the big picture?

Use simple words, analogies and concepts.  Also, ensure that everyone is properly trained and they understand the big picture.  Your audience will better appreciate your message and be more clear on what they need to do to help you.

Have you explained what’s in it for the team?
Why should they do all this stuff for you?  Just because you pay them is not a good enough answer.  That’s a basic premise.  And if you stop there, you will get basic results.  If you are looking for a way to create more buy-in, here are a few places to start looking:

  • What, besides more money, will spark individual efforts to improve?
  • Why did they join this team in the first place?  Why are they still here?
  • What will make them stay long term?  What makes them proud to be a part of this mission?
  • What is really in it for them besides a paycheck or credit?  How can they grow personally and professionally?
  • How can you change their lives for the better?

Understanding these answers requires an investment in time.  And depending on the size of your organization, it may be your managers who do the one-on-one sessions or team meetings to gather this info.  However you choose to do it, you must understand what your team wants and needs.  With that info, you can work to align individual goals with organizational goals.

Taking the time to answer questions regarding trust and understanding will be key in effective leadership and building greatness.  And once you figure out ways to define and address what’s in it for your team members, you will find the loyalty, passion, better morale and higher performance that you have been wanting.  And quite frankly, if you are truly going to build something long term, you need people who want what you want and show up every day working to help you in your mission.

If you have any questions about these ideas, please contact us and schedule a consultation.

Events for Baltimore Professionals and Entrepreneurs March 2014

Feb Events Baltimore

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*Wednesday, March 5th 2014 from 6pm to 8pm
1st Wednesday at Teavolve
1401 Aliceanna St. Harbor East, Ground Level of Eden Apt Building – Baltimore, MD 21231
First Wednesdays Professional Networking Happy Hour- Bring your good conversation and funny stories to share. Fun, nice people only! Free admission.

*Wednesday, March 19th from 6pm to 8pm
3rd Wednesday at Teavolve- Entrepreneurs’ Social
1401 Aliceanna St. Harbor East, Ground Level of Eden Apt Building – Baltimore, MD 21231
Meet other aspiring entrepreneurs.  Share ideas and a great meal.   Free admission.

*Wednesday, March 26th from 7pm to 8pm
4th Wednesdays Google Hangout
This is an online discussion with serious professionals and entrepreneurs. We will discuss the Baltimore Business Climate and consider plans for teaming up to fund ventures and create opportunities. If you are serious about growing your business, finding a new opportunity, or creating new opportunities, this discussion is for you. To be invited to the Google Hangout, email us at .

*Friday, March 28th, 2014
6pm to 9pm- Sangria Friday at Teavolve
1401 Aliceanna St. Harbor East, Ground Level of Eden Apt Building – Baltimore, MD 21231
Let’s enjoy Sangria, good conversation and music from the DJ.   Admission $10 online.  $15 at the door.   Free Sangria from 6m to 9pm.  Raffles and Prizes.  Purchase tickets online:

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